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September 2007

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lean in

.::Machina Log 001::.

There shouldn't be a problem with this machina.  I fixed all I can, but there shouldn't be a problem.  It's not working at all.  Neither is my walkie talkie.  Fryd dra vilg ec fnuhk, kuttyssed.

Well, I'm certainly not in Spira anymore. Or Kansas for that matter.

Fuck, where the hell am I?


Looks like you've landed yourself Metropolis, buddy.

But cheer up! People explode machines, die, and wind up here all the time!

Meaning not anywhere in Spira, right?

Die? What are you talking about? This certainly isn't what I would call Heaven. I don't remember dying. And besides, the little thing isn't strong enough to explode and kill me even if it did malfunctioned. Where exactly am I anyway?

By the way, the name's Gippal.
Last time I checked, they still needed to figure out a name for this world.

There's some people from Midgar, uh...that is, from Terra, here. And from other worlds!

I'm Demyx! Nice to meet'cha.

Yeah, pretty much, people are supposed to die, but they wind up here...it's like a second chance! There's no way back anyone's figured out yet, but everything's a pretty sweet set up in this down
It's more convenient if they find a name.

And I'd probably wouldn't know them.

I would say it's nice to meet you too, but I'm still just a tad confused about this place.

I'll..have to keep a note of that then for later though. Thanks.

Oh, is there any good place for drinks and girls around here?
Uh...well, I think they've got a bar down in the south west corner of the city that's got a pretty hoppin' nightlife?

Been trying to get a gig down there for awhile now. Pretty sweet times, yeah! Keep an eye out!
Sweet. I'll keep a look out for that.

You play?
You bet, I play! I play the Sitar. And just 'cause I got to sign 5+ pairs'a ladies' underthingies last time I jammed in public, I'm gonna abuse my right to throw away my piece'a humble pie and just say that I'm freakin' Awesome and I rock the house, man!
Uh. Hey dude person that Dem was talkin too.... This is Xigbar, Sunshine's roomie... Uh. Sorry for him and his donk-ness. Too many shots at the bar last night and its left him totally weird wasted a little drunk and a little weird for it. So if he says something stupid.... ignore him.

Don't worry. I'm puttin him back in bed. Fuckin finally... Demyx + alcohol + computer = disaster.
Eh, it's no problem. I've face people like that before anyway.

Gippal by the way. That's my name. :)

Haven't we alllll. He's gonna be fun in hangover-ville.

Nice ta meet you dude. Xigbar. Like I said. Welcome to Metropolis.

If you see a dude with an eyepatch and a dude with a mullet, thats us. Come bug us.
Thanks a bunch, pal.

Eyepatch, mullet. Got it. Will do.