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September 2007

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come what may

.::Machina Log 003::.

. . . . well that didn't go well.  It exploded in my face.

Tysh, I am seriously looking my touch.


Problem with your hardware? Oh dear. Thats not fun.
You can say something like that. Hopefully a little more twinkering can help this bad boy.
And what is this 'bad boy', hmm? A special project?
I'll say.

Those gloves you made for me...? They fell apart, and because of it, I got my ass kicked.

I'm dealing with different material in this world. Besides, you shouldn't rely on just the gloves. Anyway, how they fall apart? I'll fix improve it for free.

Unless you want a flamethrower.
Are you insane? Don't give Axel a flamethrower! That's just giving him an excuse to burn everything.

Axel, if you get a flamethrower, you better not torch something at our place with it...
Don't worry about how it fell apart, they just did.

...But what is this you say about a flamethrower?

Ignore the kid below.
Axel, I am NOT loaning you munny for a flamethrower.
Demyx, I did NOT ask you to loan me munny for a flamethrower.
Well, I'm telling you! In advance. Just in case it crossed your mind.
I don't need your munny anymore. I do have a job, you know.
Well...this a pre- pre- pre- warning.

I will NOT move two doors down if you own a freakin' flamethrower. Isn't your usual more'n enough?
Geez, Dem, I borrowed munny once, and I paid it back! You act like I ask you for munny all the time.

And everyone could use a little more flare no and again if you know what I mean.
Sure, I know what you mean.

It means I'm gonna start having to take 'fire escape' pretty literally again, doesn't it?

I'd like to know so I can improve its durability, next time.

Exactly what I meant. A flamethrower. Its gonna cost ya a lot more than the last thing you bought.
You wouldn't happen to have any experience with fixing a large, unbalanced centrifuge, would you?

I don't know what they've been doing with it in the labs, but by the stars, the thing took out a wall last time.
Mmm, interesting. I'll take a look at it if you want then. I have better luck at fixin' then inventin' these days here.
Wonderful. Just nip down to the city labs whenever's convenient, and tell them Mr. Erebus sent you for repairs. They shouldn't give you any trouble.

Drop me an invoice for however much you think the labor's worth.